Are Minecraft servers down?

Sun Jan 22. 2023

Are Minecraft servers down?

Some Minecraft servers have been down for gamers tonight. It seems that it all depends upon which version of Minecraft you're using.

Developer Mojang claims that server problems are currently affecting Minecraft only on specific platforms.

However, the Minecraft Java Edition is experiencing server problems tonight. Other versions could also be affected.

Mojang and Microsoft will share more information if there are still issues with Minecraft servers tonight.

Mojang has confirmed that login problems with Java Edition are still present. This includes multiple sign-in issues.

Mojang's latest update reads: “Minecraft Java Edition”: Some players may have trouble logging in or get errors while trying to log in.

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“We are currently investigating the issue and thank you for your patience.”

Although no explanation has been provided for the Minecraft problems tonight, it is possible that servers are being put under more strain by the Coronavirus outbreak.

There are more people at home than ever, which means that there is more traffic and makes it easier for servers become overwhelmed.

It hasn't been confirmed that this is the reason for tonight's server issues. And it's not clear how long these problems could last.

“Mojang servers automatically notify web developers when there's a major outage. If the outage persists, it's most likely that the issue has been fixed. Please be patient and come back later.

If you get an error but no one else notices it, please make sure to check your firewall, antivirus, and internet connections. You may need to reset your profile's authentication or connection with our servers. Log out of the game, then log back in.