Best music discs in Minecraft

Wed Jan 4. 2023

Best music discs in Minecraft

Minecraft offers special music discs that can be used to alter the game's music. Minecraft offers a variety of sounds, making it immersive. However, music discs are unique. These discs must be discovered and collected to become treasures.

Music discs can be found only in chest loots, or dropped by creepers if it is killed. These discs contain unusual instrumental music and can be played using a jukeboxblock.

Some music discs have upbeat and cheerful music while others are more disturbing. There are some music discs that are worth keeping.

The game has 14 music discs, each with its own sound. These are the top five:

5) 13

This music disc has eerie and disturbing music, metallic thumps, and water sounds. This music disc gives you the feeling of being in a dark and mysterious cave. This music disc is available in Dungeons or Woodland Mansions chests.

4) Cat

Cat is one the most well-known and common music disc players we have ever seen. It features upbeat 8-bit music mixed with sharp synth beats. This music disc is also available in the chests at Woodland Mansions and Dungeons.

3) Pigstep

Pigstep is a relatively new music disc that was added to the Nether Update. This music disc features hip-hop-style, upbeat music with radio effects. This music disc is a favorite of fans and can be found only in the Bastian Remnants chests.

2) 11

“11.” is one of the most terrifying and eerie music disks in Minecraft. Although this music disc does not contain any music, it begins with running away from something and breathing heavily.

It makes the terrifying sounds of a monster. It ends with fast-paced footsteps from someone running again. The peak of the climatic sound abruptly ends the disk.

1) Otherside

Otherside is the new music disc in Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update. The music disc begins with a uplifting retro music loop, and then switches to a lower pitch version. This music disc is available in Dungeons and Strongholds.