Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Tue Dec 13. 2022

Boom Blox Bash Party Review

Boom Blox was quite the popular game when it came out – heck, it even had all the hype built-up for it before its release, as it was advertised left and right that the main designer behind the game was none other than Steven Spielberg himself. The sequel of the game, Boom Blox Bash Party, comes with hundreds of new levels and a renewed gameplay offering new features and tricks for you to master.


The gameplay revolves around different-colored blocks with a highly realistic physics simulation behind them, and is a highly arcade-styled game with a very fast-paced gameplay. You'll need to have some very quick reflexes if you want to be good at Boom Blox Bash Party, and if you're used to the gameplay of the first title, you may have to readjust slightly, as the old “shooting” mechanic isn't as useful as you might remember, superseded by a new slingshot mechanic.

Community integration is a very important aspect of the new Boom Blox, as users can now share their custom levels online, with a system that allows you to upload your creations to a service run by Electronic Arts. Take note though, the service is highly moderated and you shouldn't attempt to put up anything inappropriate, as it won't pass approval.

On the other hand, if you've got players in your Wii friends list who're making levels for the game, you can play them straight away without having to download them from the online service (and thus you can play unapproved levels too!) In other related news, the base game comes with over 400 new levels for you to explore and master, so you'll have plenty of content to keep you busy even without downloading the user-made ones.

Graphics and System Requirements

Boom Blox Bash Party looks noticeably refreshed. The art style is now more crisp and concise, and there are several new environments for you to explore and base your custom levels on – for example, an underwater one (which has been highly requested by the community of the first game).

The physics simulation is also of a very high quality, and the blocks realistically collide with each other and slide down as you eliminate groups of them. The engine powering the game is a very impressive one, when you consider that you're basically looking at a puzzle game.


We already mentioned it, but we should really re-iterate on this – if you ever somehow manage to get bored of all the levels the original game comes with, just have a brief look around the online level trading service, which will quickly give you access to tons of extra levels made by your fellow players. And thanks to the active moderation, you shouldn't expect any unpleasant surprises from those levels either.


Boom Blox Bash Party is a successful sequel to an already lovely game – and it seems Spielberg doesn't only know how to make good movies, the guy is a natural when it comes to video games as well!