Copper oxidation in Minecraft ?

Mon Dec 12. 2022

Copper oxidation in Minecraft ?

Copper is a new material in Minecraft. It is unique because of its interesting mechanic. This mechanism is known as oxidation.

Blocks of copper will oxidize over time and take on a blue-green color. This happens because of the chemical reaction that occurs on an atom, ion or molecule.

This can lead to the loss of electrons, or a change in the oxidized state. Iron oxide-based metals, for example, rust when exposed to moisture and open air. If the blocks are not sealed with wax, copper blocks in Minecraft will rust.

Minecraft has so far not developed any crafting recipes that only require oxidized copper. All stonecutting and waxing that can be performed on standard copper blocks can also take place on oxidized blocks.

The coloration of oxidized block is unique and draws comparisons with the prismarine blocks found in ocean structures. Although they can look somewhat the same, cyan-dyed blocks are easily distinguished visually from oxidized copper.

Although there are not many crafting instructions, oxidized copper block has emerged as an easier alternative to prismarine. Copper has been deemed safer than prismarine because it is not found in ocean monuments or underwater ruins.

Because of their similar coloration, Minecraft decorators and builders often choose oxidized copper over prismarine to create underwater ruins or monuments.

It is amazing what structures players can build with oxidized copper. There are small-scale and large-scale builds, as well as towering structures like the Statue of Liberty or the Colossus of Rhodes.

Copper ore is more abundant than prismarine. Mining copper ore is the fastest method to obtain blocks that turn blue-green when exposed in the air.

If players don't wish their copper blocks to oxidize they can use honeycombs made from bee nests or hives to apply directly to them. This will prevent the blocks from oxidizing.

A certain stage of oxidation may be preferred by players when it comes time to see a block. Players can use an axe to remove wax from blocks and reverse their stages of oxidation.