New Minecraft?

Sun Sep 25. 2022

New Minecraft?

Mojang, a Minecraft developer, is said to be working on two projects. However it isn't clear if they will directly link to the blocky hit.

Windows Central claims that there is more Minecraft on the horizon. Multiple sources indicate that Mojang is working on at least two new projects, but it's not known what they might be. According to the report, a few Instagram posts that reimagine Minecraft's world in the fashion of Stardew Valley or Terraria could be teasers for full-fledged projects. However, it is unlikely that the studio will be revealing concepts before a reveal.

Although development on Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons continues, it is likely that the latter will be close to the end of its cycle with four of the six DLC packages available. This could allow developers to focus on new projects. However, staff might be moved to Minecraft, which will receive updates to many of its biomes. Mojang also released Minecraft Earth 2019 in July 2021.

Microsoft will likely continue to use Minecraft as a platform for future projects. However, Mojang may not have any new publicly announced projects related to Minecraft. This could allow Mojang to create new titles alongside existing ones. Even though multiple games are currently in development, the internal goals and schedules are constantly changing behind-the scenes. Don't expect a new Minecraft title from Mojang, Microsoft or any other company.