Removed biomes in Minecraft

Wed Sep 14. 2022

Removed biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft has seen many updates over its long history. At the time of its first release, Minecraft was only made up of layers of dirt, grass, and cobblestone. However, developers soon added biomes to the natural world generation.

Biomes are areas randomly created with unique features such as trees, mobs and temperatures. They also have distinct colors for sky, grass, and water. Minecraft 1.17 now allows players to discover more than 60 types of biomes.

After testing and removing biomes, it was possible to create such a diverse range of biomes. This article will take a look at all of the biomes removed from Minecraft.

1) Ice desert

Some biomes in Minecraft are accessible through the game code but they do not naturally generate. Java Edition alpha 1.2.0 added the ice desert as an unutilized biome. These cold biomes were very similar to desert biomes, but they were created with layers of snow.

It was the coldest Minecraft biome, with a temperature of 0.0. It was removed with the Adventure Update in 2011.

2) Seasonal forests

Seasonal forests were very similar to regular Minecraft forests. These biomes had a temperature higher than 97% and a rainfall rate between 45% to 90%. These biomes used to be a mix of rain forests and forests. These lush forests were unfortunately removed from the Adventure Update.

3) Shrublands

The shrubland was an unusual biome, similar to the plains in alpha version 1.2.0. This biome was low-lying and had few trees. These biomes, like swamplands were often small in size.

Shrublands could produce when temperatures were between 50 and 97% and rainfall values was 35 percent. After the Adventure Update, developers also removed shrublands.

4) Rain forests

The rainforest was the precursor to the jungle biome in Minecraft. This biome was introduced in Alpha version 1.2.0. Rain forests, like jungles, had a dense tree community compared to other biomes at the time.

Rain forests could only be created in areas where the temperature was higher than 97% and the rainfall was greater than 90%. This biome was populated with oak and birch tree. It was removed in Java Edition beta1.8, titled Adventure Update.

5) Tundra

Tundra was the precursor to the snowy biomes that are currently available in Minecraft. This biome was flat and barren, with no snow. In tundra biomes, players could only find a handful of trees and mobs.

Because trees were scarce, tundra biomes were the worst place to spawn in Alpha versions. This biome was also difficult for players to find enough food. It was also removed in the Adventure Update.