Sturdiest blocks in Minecraft

Wed Aug 31. 2022

Sturdiest blocks in Minecraft

Although Minecraft is an open-world, it is not as well-known for its detailed graphics than other popular games. The entire game is constructed with blocks, terrain, creatures, players, and everything else.

Minecraft has many types of blocks, including sand and hard stone blocks. Among these blocks, however, there are some that are so hard even TNT cannot destroy them.

Minecraft has many blocks that are nearly unbreakable. These blocks can be found naturally in Minecraft.

5) Ender Chest

While Ender chests aren't known for their strength they are quite strong as blocks. Ender chests are found in End cities. They can also be made with obsidian and eye of ender. These blocks are the most powerful and have a blast resistance 600.

4) Obsidian

Obsidian blocks are well-known in Minecraft and are known for their hardness. Even with a simple diamond pickaxe, it takes quite a while to break Obsidian blocks. Obsidian has a blast resistance rating of 1200. This block will not be affected by a TNT explosion.

3) Ancient Debris

The strongest block in Minecraft is also the most rare. Ancient Debris, a rare and strong block from the Nether realm, is very rare. It is used in making Netherite, the strongest ore in the game. These are usually mined by players exploding different parts of the Nether. This is the most efficient method as it doesn't affect Ancient Debris blocks. It has a blast resistance value of 1200.

2) End Portal Frame

To complete Minecraft, players must find the End Portal in a Stronghold. Although the strength of the End portal frame isn't well-known, it is one of most powerful blocks. It can't even be made by players. The End Portal Frame has a blast rating of 3,600,000. This is more than any block in Minecraft.

1) Bedrock

Bedrock is well-known for its strength and unbreakability. From the beginning, it has been the strongest block of Minecraft. It can be found on the Overworld's bottom and at the Nether roof and bottom. It has a blast resistance rating up to 3,600,000.